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  • Who is FifSun Management Group, LLC.?

FifSun Management Group, LLC. (FSMG) is a registered investment advisor firm licensed to do business in the State of California. Kevin Dotson is the owner and president and is a registered financial coach for the firm. We are a wealth coaching firm dedicated to helping our clients achieve peace of mind regarding their investments and discover their true purpose for money all at a low cost.

  • What services does FifSun Management Group, LLC. offer?

FifSun Management Group, LLC. offers fee-based and independent financial advising & coaching. Our primary objective is to provide clients with truth about investing so that they can make educated choices about their financial future. We offer low-cost prudently diversified asset-class investments for our clients. We also offer independent insurance solutions through many top-rated insurance companies, including annuities and life insurance products.

What type of investments will I own in my account?

For US and International equities, we utilize individual stocks and fixed income securities. We build portfolios based on the science of capital markets. Prudent diversification guides our way.

  • How does FifSun Management Group, LLC. differ from other financial planning firms?

This is one of the most important questions any potential client should ask. We are a small, personal, independent wealth coaching firm. You are never a forgotten investor and client with us. We are personally in touch at least 4 times a year to check on you. We are never influenced by commissions, transactions, predictions of the future, etc., but solutions to your needs. Investment “products” are not a proprietary solution for us. Instead, we feel potential clients will choose a financial advisor/coach based on valued trust and how they feel they will honestly be helped.

  • Are Financial Advisors telling me the truth and how can I know?

To trust and have confidence in your financial advisor is of the upmost importance when investing your hard-earned money. There are slick lies the industry will use and you should be aware of them. We offer a free book about all the phrases that are used and you can get a copy by contacting our office.

  • Why should FifSun Management Group, LLC. manage my money?

We’ve created what we believe is the most appropriate way to help you reach your financial goals. We had the unique opportunity to design our investment coaching service from scratch. We teamed up with money managers who believe in our core investment philosophy.
We utilize Structured and Index Investing strategies based on Nobel Prize-winning economic theories. The result is a disciplined process designed to capture the benefits of asset-class investing with less volatility and the potential for greater return.

Most do-it-yourself investors make mistakes which cost them a lot of money over time. Many “advisors” are actually conflicted brokers incentivized to sell you high fee products. Some have good intentions, but still use mutual funds inefficiently. We are completely independent and entirely focused on our clients.

  • What is the probability of success if I choose your firm to help me invest?

Prudent investing is a rational process. It involves deciding how much risk to take, then choosing low-cost index and asset class funds to match an investor’s preferred risk-return tradeoff. We manage a broad range of strategies to meet the needs of investors with diverse investment goals. There is no guarantee of returns but the probability of successful investing – with the help of a financial advisor and staying true to being disciplined – is much higher than if you go at it alone.

  • What is our investment philosophy?

We believe you should have a strategy or blueprint. It’s an investment policy statement. This should fit your situation and your goals. We believe lower risk for the same amount of expected return is better. That’s why we attempt to properly utilize all available global liquid asset classes – a strategy employed by sophisticated institutions for years.

  • Why do you recommend pre-constructed, risk analyzed, diversified ETF & Asset Class portfolios for everyone?

FifSun Management Group, LLC. investment recommendations are based on Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), a Nobel Prize winning approach that allocates money to asset classes in a proportion that maximizes your expected return for your specific risk tolerance.
It states that returns are best maximized for any level of risk through the optimal mix of asset classes, not through security or individual stock selection. Therefore the ETF or Asset Class that best represents your personal risk tolerance is the best ETF for everyone. Fundamental to MPT is the belief that expected returns are optimized by choosing the right mix of asset classes for each individual, not by personalizing the choice of ETFs.


  • Who holds my accounts as a custodian for safety and security?

Charles Schwab Institutional & TD Ameritrade. We selected Schwab and TD Ameritrade because of their strength and willingness to keep costs extremely low. The Financial Coaching Group never directly takes custody of client assets, and only you have access to your money.

  • Can I see my accounts and balances online?

You can view your accounts at all times through our custodian’s online platform via web, tablet or phone. Additionally, Schwab and TD Ameritrade will provide you with monthly paper statements. You will have 24-7 access to all the world-wide online services that the custodians have to offer – all at our super-low institutional pricing. In addition, we will provide you with quarterly statements as well as a personal secured online platform.

  • Do you hold annual reviews?

Yes! And sometimes there is a need to do semi-annual reviews. A lot can happen in the course of one year – and it usually does. As things around us change, we change too. Our priorities shift, our goals evolve.

  • Why don't you display reviews or testimonials?

As a registered financial coaching firm, FifSun Management Group, LLC. is prohibited from posting on its website marketing material that includes any statement by a former or present client that endorses our advisory services or refers to the client’s favorable investment experience with FifSun Management Group, LLC. This also applies to linking to such a testimonial if one of our clients posts such an endorsement on another site. We’re careful to comply with the regulations regarding this restriction, which is why you won’t find a public section on our website asking for client feedback.

“I have helped many people understand the importance of planning for retirement and would like to help you also. I encourage you to take advantage of this complimentary offer which will give you a glimpse into your financial future. Together, we will develop a customized plan to help you navigate through today’s economic environment.” — Kevin Dotson, President & CEO - FifSun Management Group, LLC

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